Thank you to all who made this such a successful campaign.

We really 'dragged Pine Gap into the light'

To continue to Wage Peace...

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Support the Pine Gap Pilgrims who need to pay their fines, and help Wage Peace with ongoing funds to support further Anti-Militarism.

We provide strategic messaging and digital campaign support for campaigns & groups disturbing war & militarism in Australia. We 'organise' & 'mobilise' to #endwarculture and ... #ClosePineGap #NoMoreUSwars #MoveTheMoney #ScrapTheF35 #LockoutLockheed #FrontierWars #DisarmUnis and expose the #ToxicSAS

Highlights of the Trial of the Pine Gap Peace Pilgrims with the musical lament by Franz Dowling and Margaret Pestorius

The Judgment

CITATION: The Queen v Webb & Ors [2017] NTSC 94 PARTIES: THE QUEEN v WEBB, Timothy Edward...



The Alice Springs Peace Convergence takes place on Arrernte land. The ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of central and eastern Arrernte are committed to closing Pine Gap through a process of Healing, Unity & Peace.

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