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  • Make a one-off, or monthly Donation to help support our nonviolent peace activism and get our message out there.



  • Make memes for social media, write, create Social Media posts.
    • e.g. take a selfie holding a sign saying “#ClosePineGap” or “Support #PineGapPilgrims” and post it on social media, and get your friends to do the same. People like to see people.
    • Create a meme from a photo we share – of us, our trip or actions and add some text and share.
    • If you come up with a great bit of text but don’t do graphics, share it with us and we can put it together.
    • Use yourself to make graphics, or create things collaboratively with us
    • Make satirical cartoons
  • Help us write better – for media releases, fundraising, website, posts.


  • We could do with some help fundraising – maybe you have some ideas for an event?
  • Let people know about the WagePeace site and encourage them to donate, even if it is just $10.


  • Do you know particular journalists? Have you got contacts? Would you introduce us?
  • Do you know how to do Media Releases?
  • How to get them published?
  • Would you like to help us clean up our Media contacts database?


  • We are inviting supporters to join us in Alice Springs – 10-24th November – come on a road trip 🙂 We would love to meet you!
  • We are developing a program so that people can learn about Pine Gap, the Peace Movement, Creative Activism – Non-Violent Direct Action while we are in Alice
  • We could do with people to wave banners, take photographs, share live on social media, pitch tents, find housesits, change tyres, make cups of tea 🙂
  • If you are in Alice Springs – support us by encouraging local involvement and making links. Contact

We are open to suggestions, ideas are most welcome.

We are happy to talk through with you what your skills are and what skills you would like to gain. e.g. if you don’t normally use twitter we can support you. You might just start with retweeting, graduate to tweeting with a comment, then to producing your own tweets. Every little bit helps


We will be amplifying our action during the court case and create a social media storm by getting many people to post and share on twitter and face book within a short time period.

We are asking for your help by:

  • Join our private Close Pine Gap Media Collective FaceBook group – go to the group and ask to join.
  • follow us on @ClosePineGap FaceBook and @ClosePineGap Twitter and @ClosePineGap on Instagram
  • ask your followers to follow us
  • post/retweet/FaceBook share our content published from our official accounts and the #ClosePineGap hashtag see the Memes Page under Resources
  • personally ask others to also follow/post/retweet/FaceBook (friends, family, colleagues)
  • help manage and support your contacts to share our content
  • do you have any leads to influential people or celebrities?

Are you part of an organisation?

  • follow/post/retweet/FaceBook share our content  from your official accounts
  • organise staff and/or volunteers to follow/post/retweet/FaceBook from personal accounts
  • personally ask other organisations in your network  to follow/post/retweet/FaceBook
  • add our campaign action and launch to your newsletter


We will be publishing resources here soon to help you such as: