Raytheon the private contractor behind much of Pine Gap’s work has become a target of protesters who are in Alice Springs to draw attention to Pine Gap’s 50 year history of creating instability and war.  Situated in a non-descript building in Whittaker Street, Raytheon Australia, the subsidiary of one of the largest arms dealers in the world, expects to ply its trade without hindrance.

From Raytheon’s own website (http://www.raytheon.com.au/ ):-

Raytheon Australia provides state of the art sensors, effectors, electronic warfare and mission systems integration to enable capabilities for the Australian Defence Force.

“Raytheon’s systems incorporate satellite navigation, laser guidance, high-definition radars, advanced seekers and other technologies. They allow customers to carry out discriminating strikes on bona fide targets and defend against incoming attacks with unprecedented effectiveness.”

“We mean to upset the smugness which permeates this horrendous corporation, whose self-advertising slogan is laughingly ‘keeping the world safe’. It means to do this by massive weaponised force!”, said Denis Doherty of the Anti-Bases Campaign.

“In regard to Pine Gap alone Raytheon has much to answer for, creating the software to spy on civilians, to direct drones and to target areas of the world Australia is not at war with, such as Yemen and Somalia”, said Nick Deane from Independent and Peaceful Australia Network.

“We call Raytheon a public-funded merchant of death”, said Dr. Hannah Middleton of the Anti-Bases Campaign.

“It is time to shine a light on this massive corporate giant which leeches resources away from much needed services such as health and education to weaponry which only serves to increase violence and distress”, Mr Deane continued. “Raytheon is not a good corporate citizen but simply a privatized conglomerate to wage war for the top 0.1% of USA society.”

Details: 8 Whittaker St, Alice Springs, Sept 29 2.30 pm

For more information:  contact Hannah Middleton 0418 668 098, Nick Deane 0420 526929, Denis Doherty 0418 290 663