Peace Pilgrims are an affinity group of Christians, pagans and non-aligned! From Cairns, Sydney, Brisbane and we hope from Melbourne too.

We are returning this year to challenge the brutality of the US empire. Last year at Shoalwater Bay. This time to #closepinegap.

We challenge you, with Quaker Grannies and other small affinity ready to make meaningful ceremonial events for healing this vast land.

Many of us have been to Pine Gap before – we were involved with the Pine Gap 4 and their trial in 2005 – 2007. We organised many actions then.

Our main work will be organising Lamentations in Landscape

But we are interested in nonviolent actions with a deep spirituality which transforms ourselves, the Landscape and our enemies in the unjust nation States.

We also like nonviolent interventions. We are not afraid of sanctions.

Please free to make personal contact to join with us.

Check out Our  facebook page 

Contact us there or Margie    pestoriusm@gmail.com

Contact Margie also to go on our mailing list and to help with social media tasks over the next month.

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