Join in and help the media collective– in Alice Springs or remotely


Proposal for media structure for #ClosePineGap

Based on consensus structures used for and


Online Supporter Information pack

Twitter Resources


Alice Springs Media Collective

  • whoever on the ground that wants to participate that has been vouched for. Ideally representatives of the various groups and collectives.
  • meets daily to direct the media and messaging for the day.

Alice Springs Live Media Center

  • creating space for geeks, photographers, journalists, artists, media makers etc

Alice Springs Live Social Media team

  • contributing to the social event swarm and helping other participants use social media
  • uploading media to mediafire

Remote Social Media Team

  • supporting the on the ground team remixing media, supporting the messaging and memes

Traditional Media Team

  • Press releases
  • Media wrangling


  • Creating artwork and meme templates

Remix Team

  • remixing live media published on mediafire using graphics and templates


Public Sites

  • adding/managing media, updates, releases and news

FaceBook: Page | Event

  • Adding one or two updates per day
  • participating in conversation

Twitter: @ClosePineGap | #ClosePineGap

  • Retweet participants work
  • Post media, updates, releases and news
  • participating in conversation

You Tube



Control of Social Media Sites

  • There must be at least 3 with admin access at all times.
  • The admins must be decided by group consensus.
  • Passwords shared securely
  • Access List To be confirmed

Social Media Authors

  • All people given access to publish (Authors) via any of our digital accounts must read and agree to follow our content guidelines
  • Authors access must be vouched by at least two admins
  • An Admin is required to review an authors communication for a period of time until it is established they understand what they are doing and are following the content guidelines.

Social Media Content Guidelines

  • Keep on topic. Gain a second admin support to publish posts not directly related
  • Prioritise local actions and events
  • Only Non-violent language, framing and imagery. Avoid aggressive or attacking or angry language.
  • If you are in an angry mood, Gain a second admin opinion on your posts before publishing
  • No criticism of any organisation, people, actions without consensus
  • Controversial content needs support of all admins or goes to group consensus
  • NO NO NO! posting whilst drunk or intoxicated

working on:

  • response – guidelines for trolls,  how to respond to comments on posts
  • messages – checking and responding to FB messages etc
  • Strategy for dealing with negative attacks from locals (media and trolls)


Media organising tools

Media Mail List:

  • discussion of media in leadup to event. will be replaced by Secret facebook event

Media – Secret Facebook Group

  • to be setup
  • for media partipants to discuss media to replace the email list


  • upload media from the ground. This allows direct access to the remote teams: Social, Graphics and remix
  • shortlists of media (photos and video) to release for journalists and remote supporters

Media Spreadsheet

  • contains contacts and twitter lists
  • ask for access


  • Extended Doc – Ask for access
  • condensed version to be published to this  site

Online Supporter Information pack

Graphic Library

  • We have setup a ClosePineGap Mediafire to share photos
  • Need to building a library of images that we have permission to use. This allows us to quickly make memes.

Training resources

Reference Documents

  • Ask for access