We will be amplifying our action and launch by swarming as many people to post and share on social media within a short time period.

Keep in contact with us for that time so you can help support and grow our swarm.

We are asking for your help by:

  • follow us on Facebook and twitter
  • ask your followers to follow us
  • post/retweet/facebook share our content published from our official accounts and the #ClosePineGap hashtag
  • personally ask others to also follow/post/retweet/facebook (friends, family, colleagues)
  • help manage and support your contacts to share our content
  • do you have any leads to influential people or celebrities?

Are you part of an organisation?

  • follow/post/retweet/facebook share our content  from your official accounts
  • organise staff and/or volunteers to follow/post/retweet/facebook from personal accounts
  • personally ask other organisations in your network  to follow/post/retweet/facebook
  • add our campaign action and launch to your newsletter


we will be publishing resources here soon to help you such as:

  • example tweets and posts
  • memes
  • images