Healing and Unity Camp

19 September – 3 October 2016
Arrernte Welcome, Healing and Unity Camp

Hosted by Chris “Peltharre” Tomlins

Opening storytelling camp fire by Vince Forrester

A call from the Arrernte to help Close Pine Gap and Heal the Land. The  ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of the central and eastern Arrernte are inviting people to join in a cultural exchange on Arrernte lands.

The aim is to close the Pine Gap U.S. spy and drone base, in an act of healing and cultural co-creation.

Aims of our Co-creation

  • To re-imagine the lore of land.
  • To de-colonise the law of the land.
  • To co-create an earth caring and peace loving culture, which both celebrates the ancient ways
    and adapts the best of the rest.
  • To promote, apply and cultivate the healing arts in this time of epochal transition.
  • To reach out to the care takers from all lands to join us in bringing unity and healing to the Earth.


At the Claypans Off Norris Bell Ave, 8 km south of Alice Springs.

Directions: turn right off the Stuart Highway at Norris Bell Ave and follow the road past the Cemetery and Transport Museum and over the rail line. Follow the rutted but passable tracks about 1 km west till you come to the camp by a 2 ha claypan.

See the google link here. Follow to the clay pan site. Follow our markers. Urgent or you are lost phone 0401 760 657

To join the healing and unity camp and for more information go to closepinegap.com

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