Shine a light on Raytheon !

The armaments company “RAYTHEON” is a business with a major presence in Alice Springs.

RAYTHEON is intimately connected with the military operations conducted at PINE GAP.

Join the Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition to SHINE A LIGHT ON RAYTHEON !

2.30pm Thursday September 29, 2016


8, Whittaker Street

Alice Springs

Bring a mirror! Let Raytheon reflect. Let us reflect on Raytheon.

From Raytheon’s own website ( ):-

Raytheon Australia provides state of the art sensors, effectors, electronic warfare and mission systems integration to enable capabilities for the Australian Defence Force.

Raytheon’s systems incorporate satellite navigation, laser guidance, high-definition radars, advanced seekers and other technologies. They allow customers (!) to carry out discriminating strikes on bona fide targets and defend against incoming attacks with unprecedented effectiveness.”