Brunch Not Bombs #Closepinegap

Thursday, September 29 at 11 AM – 12 PM

This brunch is taking place on Arrendte country, this needs to be acknowledged and respected.

After the community ride from Alice Springs (, we’re having ‘Brunch not Bombs’ at the gates of Pine Gap military base. All welcome to come join us for a cup of tea and a pikelet or two. Bring a plate if you can.

Creating a movement to shut down Pine Gap military base is tiring work and can really create an appetite. Lets get together at the gates amid the week of protest action to share some food. Exposing to the Australian public and the world the violence supported by the base – enabling the targetting of drone strikes in places like Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia that kill many civilians including children, as well as surveillance and intelligence gathering. The Australian Government is complicit in these wars due to the existence of the Pine Gap, and 50 years is far too long to just turn a blind eye. Time to shut it down!

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